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From the Department Head 

August 1988, No. 3, 1987-88 Series 

This issue of the Departmental Newsletter con- 
tains many exciting events and activities since the early 
part of the spring semester. We hope you will find these 
items of interest and will also let us know subjects of your 
preference for future newsletters. 

The Annual Summer Meeting of ASAE at Rapid 
City was filled with significant events for our students. 
The University of Illinois ASAE Student Engineering 
Branch and the ASAE Student Mechanization Branch 
(known as the ILLINI AG MECH Club) both won first 
place again in the national FIEI competition. This was 
the second year in a row for both clubs to be placed 
first nationally. Their pictures are featured below. In 
addition, the University of Illinois clubs won second 
and third place trophies in the Micro-Mini Tractor Pull 
contest with the Ag Mech club also winning the 
student-mile award for national meeting participation. 

I am pleased to report some improvement in 
undergraduate enrollment. The fall freshman class is up 
by 25 percent over the freshman class of last year. Time 
will tell whether this is truly a trend reversal or just a 

momentary change. We will continue to try to strengthen 
these numbers since we are experiencing a strong 
upturn in employment opportunities for our graduates. 
Graduate student enrollment reached a new high of 42 
and the Department continues to gain strength in sev- 
eral areas. 

A new activity this summer involved inviting out- 
standing high school teachers to campus for a special 
recognition and to learn more about our programs and 
the University of Illinois. These teachers were nomi- 
nated by our present or former students and they were 
presented certificates of appreciation at a special 
Teaching Excellence Awards Luncheon. 

As we look ahead we are confident we will have 
another strong year based on past achievements and 
the known opportunities before us. We encourage you to 
send us any current addresses or other changes of 
graduates you may know. As always, we invite your 
personal news and welcome your visits and your sug- 
gestions for our work and programs. 

Roscoe L. Pershing 

ILLINI AG MECH Club win FIEI cup: Standing (I to r) John Carroll, 
Rich Gould, Wayne Powell, Dr. Pershing, Doug Awe, Joe Bonwell, 
and Kevin Fry. Front, Troy Hobick and Eric Kraft. 

ASAE STUDENT BRANCH win FIEI cup: (I to r) Carl Shaffer, Jim 
Sutor, Bill Hughes, Dr. Pershing, Alex Breen, Kirk Brower, and Mark 

Staff News 

Les Christianson, Gary Riskowski and Art 

Muehling participated in the AAA Associates, Inc. 
ventilation seminar on "Push-Pull" Ventilation in early 

Les Christianson and Art Muehling attended the 
3rd International Livestock Environment Symposium in 
Toronto, Ontario Canada in Late April. Les presented 
two papers at the symposium. 

Marvin Steinburg of the Food Science and Agri- 
cultural Engineering Departments has retired from the 
university after nearly 39 years. 

Roscoe Pershing and all extension specialists 
attended the Cooperative Extension State Retreat at 
Turkey Run State Park, Indiana in early April. Dr. Persh- 
ing addressed a general session of the group on "Evalu- 
ating and Rewarding Team Effort." 

Bob Aherin hosted approximately 30 product 
safety engineers and agricultural safety specialists in 
late March. The group was interested in lighting stan- 
dards on farm equipment and is involved in a major 
revision of the ASAE standard on Lighting and Marking 
of Agricultural Equipment on Highways. 

John Hummel participated in a Research Plan- 
ning Conference on Pesticide Application Technology in 
Memphis, TN in late March. Loren Bode joined this 
group from sabbatical leave from Texas A & M. 

Bill Peterson was at Purdue University in late May 
attending a Rural Electric Workshop. 

Carroll Goering was in Ames, Iowa in mid June 
helping present a session entitled, "Diesel and Alterna- 
tive Fuels and Mixes: Applications in Trucks, Buses, 
Cars and Tractors." 

Ted Funk, Extension Area Agricultural Engineerat 
Effingham successfully passed requirements for his 
Master of Science in Agricultural Engineering. His 
project, "Demonstration of Utility Interfacing of a Resi- 
dential Scale Photovoltaic Installation" is installed at the 
Regional Cooperative Extension Office at Effingham. 

John Jackson, Physical Science Technical Assis- 
tant joined our Value-Added Project Team in April. He 
was previously with the Nuclear Physics Department 

Kent Mitchell and Greg Mclsaac attended the 
129 f rosion Mechanics and Sediment Control" 
Committee meeting In late April at Morris, Minnesota. 

Robert Wolf coordinated the Ag Mech sections of 
the 1988 Agricultural Articulation Conference program 
held at the University Inn in mid April. The conference 
was attended by faculty from Illinois Community Col- 
leges and four year institutions within Illinois offering 
agricultural programs. 

Stuart Birrell, Grad. Asst. from South Africa, was 
recently awarded an Avery Brundage Scholarship to use 
in his studies toward a Ph.D. This prestigious scholar- 
ship is awarded to outstanding student athletes. In ad- 
dition to his graduate studies, Stuart has excelled as a 
member of the U of I Rugby Team. 

Bob Aherin attended the National Institute for 
Farm Safety National Conference and a meeting of the 
Agricultural Division of the National Safety Council in 
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in June. 

Marvin Paulsen attended the American Corn Mill- 
ers Federation Annual Conference at Peoria in June and 
presented a talk on "Investigative Methods to Determine 
Corn Quality." 

Gary Riskowski attended the North Central 
Teaching Improvement Symposium in Minneapolis, MN 
in mid June. 

Les Christianson and Art Muehling participated 
in the National Pork Producers World Pork EXPO in Des 
Moines in early June. 

Demetres Briassoulis has returned to Greece 
after 8 years at the University of Illinois. During this time 
he completed an M.S. (1982) and a Ph.D. (1985) in 
Agricultural Engineering and also an M.S. and Ph.D. in 
Civil Engineering. During the past 3 years he has been 
a visiting assistant professor with the Department of Ag 
Engineering while working with the U.S. Army at the 
Construction Engineering Research Laboratory 
(CERL). He has accepted a position in the Department 
of Ag Engineering at the Agricultural University of 
Athens, Greece where he will be doing teaching and 
research. During their stay here, his wife also received 
a B.S. in Architecture and an Ph.D. in Urban Planning. 

Public Relations Committee 

H.P. Bateman P.W. Benson C.J.W. Drablos 

AJ. Muehling, chairman 

W.H. Peterson G.L Riskowski 

Lisa Muirheid 


Dean of Engineering Mac Van Valkenburg (left) presents a U of I 
Alumni Honor Award to Neil Bogner while Prof. Emeritus Walter 
Lembke looks on. 

NSF Grants Received 

Congratulations to Bruce Litchfield and Les Chris- 
tianson for being rewarded National Science Research 
Grants. Bruce will receive $70,000 for research in Food 
Engineering. He plans to study the moisture profiles and 
structural changes during the drying, tempering and 
cooling of foods. 

Les has been awarded $39,000 to study room air 
and aircontaminant distribution and define the research 
needs in this area. This will be accomplished by bringing 
a diverse group of 50 to 70 international experts together 
for a 3-day symposium at Allerton Park in December, 
1988. The results will be published for use by NSF, and 
other federal agencies. 

Agricultural Engineering Teaching 
Excellence Awards Presented 

The Department of Agricultural Engineering es- 
tablished the Teaching Excellence Awards to recognize 
excellence in teaching by faculty members and to select 
departmental candidates for the campus-wide Award for 
Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. Engraved 
plaques were presented at the Agricultural Engineering 
Awards Banquet to Robert Wolf for the graduate assis- 
tant teaching award and to Richard Coddington for the 
faculty teaching award. 

Bob Wolf received his B.S. and M.S. from the 
University of Illinois in Agricultural Education in 1970 
and 1975. He has taught Agriculture at Paris High 
School for 1 years along with other positions including 
teaching at Parkland Community College at Cham- 
paign. Bob has been teaching the Agricultural Mechan- 
ics courses since Dr. Espenschieds's retirement last 
year. His received his Ph.D. in May. 

Dick Coddington came to the University of Illinois 
after workinglO years at the John Deere Dubuque 
Works. He is associate professor in the power and 
machinery area and has been teaching the power and 
machinery design course. 

Bogner Receives Alumni Award 

Neil Bogner (B.S. '50) recently was awarded one 
of the 1988 College of Engineering Alumni Honor 
Awards for Distinguished Service in Engineering. The 
award consists of a medal and a certificate for superior 

After a distinguished 33-year career with the Soil 
Conservation Service, Neil retired in 1983. He had 
attained the highest engineering position in the SCS, 
that of Associate Deputy Chief. While serving as director 
of engineering, he was a principal member of the Teton 
Dam Failure Review Group. Neil has received the ASAE 
John Deere Gold Medal and is a Fellow in ASAE. He is 
a native of Henry, Illinois and his wife, comes from 
nearby Paxton. 

Staff Return From Sabbatical Leave 

Loren Bode and Don Day have returned in June 
from sabbatical study leaves. Bode spent nine months at 
Texas A & M University working with the USDA-ARS 
Pest Management Research Unit on improving the 
aerial application of pesticides. They conducted several 
studies related to the deposition of chemicals in plant 
canopies. Airspeed, application rate, nozzle orientation, 
and height of flight were evaluated using plants, mylar 
plates, straws and water sensitive cards as targets. In 
addition, some research measuring droplet sizes from 
various systems using actual formulation was con- 
ducted. A study was conducted to determine the spray 
drift potential from several nozzles used. 

Don Day spent three months at the University of 
Florida at Gainesville working with the project of biogas 
from biomass. The project is sponsored by the Gas 
Research Institute of Chicago. Several Biomass sub- 
strates were studied including crop residues, livestock 
wastes, municipal wastes and aquatic plants. This is 
probably the largest laboratory biogas research project 
in the world at this time. There is also a demonstration 
pilot plant serving Epcot Center near Orlando, Florida. 

Richard Coddington (left) and Robert Wolf were presented the Teach- 
ing Excellence Awards. 

Recent Degree Candidates 

We have had many fine degree candidates over 
the past year in both Agricultural Engineering and Agri- 
cultural Mechanization. Here is a list of our graduates, 
their hometowns, and their current positions. 

B.S. in Agricultural Engineering 

August 10. 1987 

J. Christopher Dineen (Colona) 

Factory Mutual Engr., Chicago, IL 
Joseph G. Lehman (Marissa) Dow Chemical, 

Midland, Ml 
Gregory K. Stucky (Morton) U of I Grad School 
January 15. 1988 

Dean M. Carroll (Pontiac) 

Ronald A. Ehman (Cissna Park) Arthur Anderson 

& Co., Chicago 
Mark A. Jarrett (Assumption) U of I Grad School 
Mav 22. 1988 

Steven A. Adamski (Elmhurst) 

Steven L. Bivens (Lacon) ITW Deltar 

Dale W. Brockamp (Morrisonville) Illinois EPA, 

Thomas J. Crowell (Peoria), Caterpillar Inc., 

David P. Ramp (Gilson) Uof I Grad School 
Alfred M. Samforey (Urbana) CBS Records, 

Terre Haute, IN 
Carl P. Shaffer, (Towanda) Cummings Engine 

Co., Columbus, IN 
Steve C. Volmer (Woodstock) U of I Grad School 
Summer 1988 

David Howland (Kampsville) U of I Grad School 

M. S. In Agricultural Engineering 

August 10. 1987 

Rodney L. Korthals (S. Dakota St. Univ.) U of I 
Grad School 
October 15. 1987 

William W. Casady (Warsaw) U of I Grad School 

Janu ary 15 , 19 88 

Michael A. Gingerich (Bourbonnais) Olivet 

Nazerene College 
Mav 22. 1988 

John C. Endsley (Mt. Erie) Caterpillar Inc., Peoria 
Ted L Funk (Effingham) Cooperative Ext. Ser., 

David R. Griffith (New Douglas) Caterpillar Inc., 

Martin A Lehman (Congerville) Caterpillar 

Inc .Peoria 
Stephen W Mbuvi (Kenya) U of I Grad School 
Edward L Zwilling (Olney) Caterpillar Inc., 


Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering 

January 15. 1988 

/d E Dowell (Oklahoma State University) 
USDA, Trifton, GA 

B.S. in Agricultural Mechanization 

Mav 22. 1988 

James D. Brown (St. Joesph) 

Richard D. Gould (Maple Park) Spraying 

Systems Co., Wheaton 
Troy L. Hobick (Fithian) Spraying Systems Co., 

Michael D. Miller (St. Joesph) John Deere 
John R. Mills (Ogden) Farming 
Wayne J. Powell (Annawan) 
John D. Schafer (Glasford) 
Steven W. Southworth (Willowbrook) 

Student Awards 

Russell Waller of Carlock has received a re- 
searchgrantformthe Research/Scholarship Committee 
of the College of Agriculture for his project entitled "Tem- 
porary Grain Storage Structures." His high scholastic 
grade average has also qualified him to receive another 
$500 scholarship to support his educational expenses 
and $200 to defray expenses to attend a scientific 
meeting to present his research. 

Carl Meinhart of Montrose, IL was awarded the 
Chicago Section of ASAE Honored Member Scholar- 
ship, presented at the Chicago Section Meeting. Arnold 
Zimmerman was the Chicago Section honored member 
this year. He is a Product Engineer with Case IH at 
Hinsdale. The $400 award is made annually in the name 
of an honored member of the Chicago section and is 
based on extracurricular activities, excellence of schol- 
arship, character and financial need. 

(I to r) Carl Meinhart, John Deere Award, Dr. Pershing, and Dave 
Howland, Consolidation Award 

(I to r) E W Lohmnn Award wmnors: Lawrence Kane, Dr Pershing, 
and Mark Ulrich Not picturod: T J Crowoll 

Ag Engineering Awards Banquet 

The Agricultural Engineering Awards Banquet 
was held Sunday evening, May 1 at the Chancellor Inn. 
The highlight of the evening was the awarding of $5,500 
in awards. The following awards were given: 

Frank Bauling Memorial Scholarship ($300) 

James M. Sutor, Galesburg 
J. A. Weber Memorial Award ($300) 

Eric A. Reiners, Gibson City 
Jonathan Pierce Memorial Award ($400) 

Glen M. Hall, Jr. , Mt. Carmel 
Dean G. Carter Award ($500) 

Russel C. Waller, Carlock 
Ray I. Shawl Prize ($500) 

Carl P. Shaffer, Towanda 
E.W. Lehman Awards ($500 each) 

Thomas J. Crowell, Peoria 

Lawrence F. Kane, Geneseo 

Mark A. Ulrich, Eureka 
Consolidation Coal Company Award ($1 ,000) 

David L. Howland, Kampsville 
John Deere Foundation Scholarship ($1,000) 

Carl D. Meinhart, Montrose 
Bateman Congeniality Award (Certificate) 

Kirk A. Brower, Hamburg, Arkansas 

James M. Sutor, Galesburg 

The evening closed with entertainment by a spe- 
cial agricultural engineering student jazz band group. 

(I to r) Russel Waller, Dean G. Carter Award; Glen Hall, Jonathon 
Pierce Award; Carl Shaffer, Ray Shawl Prize; James Sutor, Frank 
Bauling Memorial Scholarship 

Ag Mechanization Awards Banquet 

The lllini Agricultural Mechanization Club held 
their annual spring awards banquet on April 1 7, 1 988 at 
the University Inn. Dinner music was provided by the 
lllini Jazz Band. 

A highlight of the evening was handing out the 
student awards. The major awards and their recipients 

Bateman Congeniality Award ($300) 
Troy Hobick, Fithian 

Outstanding Ag Mech Junior Award ($400) 
Patrick Carroll, Pontiac 

Outstanding Ag Mech Senior Award ($400) 
Mike Miller, St. Joesph 

Also awarded were the prizes to the winning 
teams of this years's skills contest. Ten two-man teams 
entered this year's contest. 

The speaker for the evening, Charles Gause, 
vice-president and general manager of John Deere Co., 
Kansas City, presented $500 to the overall winnning 
team of Mike Huseman of Campbell Hill and Joe Bonwell 
of Chrisman. The winning teams ineach of the five cate- 
gories were: 

Mike Huseman, Campbell Hill 
Joe Bonwell, Chrisman 
Mike Miller, St. Joesph 
Shan Prendergast, Urbana 










Power & 


: 1st 

(I to r) Troy Hobick, Bateman Congeniality Award; Mike Miler, Out- 
standing Senior Award; Patrick Carroll, Outstanding Junior Award 
and Mike Huseman, Top Skills Contest Team. 


Soil & Water: 1st 

Randy Miller, Chenoa 
Carl Meinhart, Montrose 
Mike Huseman, Campbell Hill 
Joe Bonwell, Chrisman 

Mike Huseman, Campbell Hill 
Joe Bonwell, Christian 
Mike Miller, St. Joesph 
Shan Prendergast, Urbana 

Kevin Frey, Quincy 
Marvin Kuhn, Mendon 
Mike Miller, St. Joesph 
Carl Meinhart, Montrose 

Mike Miller, St. Joesph 
Shan Pendergast, Urbana 
Richard Haijenga, Forreston 
Doug Awe, Elkhart 

Alumni News 


Wendal Bowers (B.S. '48, M.S. '56) writes 
about how much he and Dotty are enjoying retirement. 
They have a pick-up and a fifth-wheel trailer and make 
periodic trips to places like Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, 
Michigan and Oklahoma. 


Gene Morgan (B.S. 50) stopped by the Depart- 
ment recently. He is presently located with Agrimech, 
Co. in Honolulu, Hawaii where he is an international 
engineering consultant in field and transport equipment. 

Jack O. Leathers (B.S. '51) is retiring after 
serving as Edgar County Superintendent of Highways 
for the past 35 years. 

Joe Haas (B.S. '53) has retired from the position 
of Associate Chief of the Soil Conservation Service after 
32 years. 


Earl O. Reinkensmeyer (B.S. '61) has moved 
to Ft. Collins, Colorado where he is Director of the 
Software Products for NCR Microelectronics. His two 
sons are both in college — Jeff in Geology at Ohio State 
University and David in Electrical Engineering at MIT. 

John Litherland (B.S. '65, M.S. '66) met Dr. 
Yoerger on a plane recently and informed him that he is 
presently attending a two months intensified language 
school in Cincinnati, Ohio to learn Japanese. He works 
forCaterpillarTractorCo. of Peoriaandthey are sending 
him for a 3-year assignment to Osaka, Japan where 
Caterpillar is undertaking a new venture with Mitsubishi 
of Japan. 


William Rudolphi (B.S. '67) is a captain with 
American Airlines flying Boeing 727's. He has moved 
from Chicago O'Hare to flying out of the new hub at 
Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. 

Patrick J. Calabrese (B.S. 70) writes he has 

•;d to Menomonie, Wisconsin and serves as Public 

-s Director. He reports that they anticipate landfill, 

well, road, sewer and water main and storm drainage 

projects in the near future. In May, 1 986 he completed a 

m Public Administration at Northern Illinois Univer- 

Larry J. Hodel (B.S. Ag Mech 70) writes he has 
recently moved to the Columbus, Ohio area where he is 
Branch Service Manager with John Deere Company at 

P. Kay Whitlock (B.S. 70) is now Chief Engi- 
neer of the Stormwater Management Division for 
DuPage County and is located at Wheaton, Illinois. 

Charles Alexander (B.S. in Ag Mech 77) is 
now Territory Manager for John Deere Company of 
Kansas City and is located at Colorado Springs, Colo- 

Tom Greninger (M.S. 77) informs us that he is 
still teaching at Lincoln University at Jefferson City 
Missouri. He now has two sons, ages 1 and 5 years. 

Gary Bubenzer (Ph.D. 79) writes he has 
completed his 5-year term as Chairman of the Agricul- 
tural Engineering Department at the University of Wis- 
consin at the end of June. At that time, James Converse 
(Ph.D. 70) will be assuming the Chairman's position. 


Shane Casiano R. Flaviano III (B.S. '80) in- 
forms us he received his Doctor of Medicine from the 
University of the East in the Philippines last April. He 
plans to be back in the USA this fall. 

Kent Karcher (B.S. '80) writes he is currently 
working for Caterpillar, Inc. in Peoria as the North 
American Commercial Division Transaction Price Ana- 

Jim Donoghue (B.S. '81) is now Manager, 
Component Interplant Engineering for the J.I. Case 
Engineering Group at the Wichita, Kansas plant. 

Steve Forcich (B.S. '81) is now Vice President 
of Engineering for Fleishmann-Kurth Malting Co., a 
Division of ADM at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Michael J. Jordan (B.S. Ag Mech '82) writes he 
has accepted a position as Eastern Regional Sales 
Manager for Henderson Manufacturing Co. at Wilkes- 
Barre, Pennsylvania. Henderson Manufacturing Co. is 
based at Manchester, Iowa and manufactures salt 
spreaders used in roadway snow and ice control as well 
as other types of truck bodies. As Eastern Regional 
Sales Manager, he is responsible for sales through local 
dealers in the eastern states. 

Alumni News Continued 


Roy Wendte (B.S. Ag Mech '82) writes that 
after receiving his M.S. in Agricultural Economics from 
the University of Illinois in 1984, he started farming with 
his father on a 1 ,300 acre grain and livestock farm near 
Altamont, IL. He also teaches microcomputer classes 
part-time at Lake Land Community College at Mattoon, 
does part-time financial analysis work on a contractor 
for FmHA, and officiates high school basketball games. 

Paul Pauling (B.S. '83) writes that he left Hyster 
Co. in 1 985 to pursue an M.S. in Mechanical Engineer- 
ing at the University of Illinois. After receiving his M.S. in 
1987, he is working as an engineer for Kimberly-Clark 
Corp., Appleton, Wl in the Tissue Mfg. Eng. Dept. 

Gary W. LaForge (B.S. '84) now is employed by 
Kaminski Hubbard Engineering Inc. at Phoenix, Arizona 
where he is Project Engineerfora4.2 million dollar flood 
control project at Bullhead City, Arizona and Laughlin, 
Nevada. His wife, Julie is the city prosecutor at Kingman, 

Carry Phelps (B.S. '84) writes from Joliet that 
he is still working in the System Design Department of 
Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America. His supervi- 
sor is John Heath (B.S. '69). He also says Eric Baska 
(B.S. '84) is currently working for the same company in 
the Corpus Christi, Texas office. He says his depart- 
ment is responsible for preliminary designs of high- 
pressure pipeline systems and compressor stations as 
well as the economic analysis of various projects. Cur- 
rently he is working on an MBA from DePaul University 
at night. 

Cheryl (Johnson) Ronan (B.S. '84) is now 
Design Engineer for the Fuel, Lube and Air systems of 
General Motors — Allison Gas Turbines at Indianapolis, 

Dean A. Wiechman (B.S. '84) writes he is now 
with Caterpillar, Inc. in Aurora working as a design 
engineer in the wheel loader section. He and his wife and 
their 10-months old twins plan to move to the Aurora 
area this year. 

Alan G. Wolf (B.S. '84) has moved to Des 
Moines, Iowa where he is estimator/engineer for SKT 
Construction, Inc. in West Des Moines. His wife, Terri is 
food Editor for Midland United Dairy Industry Associa- 
tion in Ankeny, Iowa. 

Don Jedele 

Don Jedele Retires 

After over 32 years of service to the Department 
of Agricultural Engineering at the University of Illinois, 
Don Jedele has decided to retire on July 31 , 1988. Don 
has been extension specialist in farm buildings at the U 
of I and during much of this time he served as the Agri- 
cultural Engineering Extension Project Leader. More 
recently he has been the leader of the Structures and 
Environment Section of the Agricultural Engineering 

Don is from Denison, which is located in West- 
ern Iowa. He is a graduate of Iowa State University and 
was manager of the Midwest Plan Service located at 
Ames, Iowa for six years before coming to the University 
of Illinois. We wish Don and his wife Donna the best. 

Others Leaving the Department 

Steve Pearson has taken employment with 
Spray Systems at Wheaton, IL. Steve has been with the 
department since 1 979. He has worked with Loren Bode 
in the chemical applications area while working on his 
Ph.D. Steve, his wife Lora, and their two daughters 
purchased a house in Wheaton. 

Robert Wolf received his Ph.D. in May, he 
finished his time with the department at the end of June. 
Bob has been teaching the Agricultural Mechanics 
courses during the past year. 

Mary Ann Levan's husband has finished his 
schoolng and taken a job with DuPont in Wilmington, 
Delaware. Mary Ann has been working in a Post Doctor- 
ate Research Associate position with John Hummel 
evaluating a non-destructive method of measuring root 
growth of soybeans under different tillage systems. She 
will be moving back to Delaware, which is her home area 
with her husband and their two boys. 

Seniors Design for Deere 

For the third consecutive year, Deere and 
Company has sponsored our student's senior design 
projects. There were two projects this year involving two 
design teams. One team, which had four members, de- 
signed an automated packaging method for sickle sec- 
tions. Their design focused on capturing the sickle 
sections between two, continuous sheets of plastic thus 
forming a "belt" containing the sections. 

The other team of five members, designed a 
press ring storage and retrieval system which featured 
a "quarter-turn" selflocking pin. 

The focus of the senior design projects is on 
computer aided design methods such as those used in 
current industry practice, oral and written communica- 
tion skills and team oriented design. Culmination of the 
design experience is an oral presentation of each design 
project at the corporate site which was at the corporate 
headquarters of Deere and Company in Moline, Illinois 
this year. 

Pictured by the "Leaping Deer" are this years' team members from left 
to right: T.J. Crowell. Steve Bivens, Pete Brown, Steve Adamski, 
Steve Volmer, Dave Howland, Alfred Samforey, Carl Shaffer and 
Dave Ramp. 

Many Attend ASAE Meeting 

The Department turned out in force to attend the 
1988 ASAE International Summer Meeting at Rapid 
City, South Dakota in late June. Twenty three staff 
members, seven graduate students and fourteen under- 
graduates, six Agricultural Engineering students and 
eight Agricultural Mechanization students, participated 
in the meetings. 

Scientific papers presented from the Department 
totaled 1 4 and 3 staff members presided over sessions. 
Three Extension Educational Aids Blue Ribbon Awards 
were presented to our faculty. Roland Espenschied 
received his award for a computer program on "Survey- 
ing Skills", Robert Aherin and Paul Benson for a bulletin 
on "Farm Electrical Safety" and Loren Bode and Steve 
Pearson for a manual on "Pesticide Training." 

Both student clubs placed first in the nation in the 
FIEI competition and were awarded the first-place tro- 
phies. The ASAE Student Branch won first for the 
branches numbering 35 or more members and the lllini 
Mechanization Club won first over all other Agricultural 
Mechanization clubs. The lllini Ag Mech Club won the 
Student-Mile Award for having the most students times 
miles traveled in attendance. Both clubs won trophies in 
the Micro-Mini Tractor Pull contest with the Ag Mech 
Club second and the Engineers placing third. 

In addition we have two national student officers 
and a national committee chairman: Doug Awe of 
Elkhart is the secretary of the National Council of Stu- 
dent Mechanization Branches; Kirk Browerof Rockford 
is first vice-president of the National Council of Student 
Engineering Branches; and Eric Kraft of Towanda is 
chairman of the National Student Micro-Mini Tractor Pull 

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
Agricultural Engineering Department 
1 304 West Pennsylvania Avenue 
Urbana. III. 61801 

Address Correction Reauested